I'm very new to Postgres and trying to insert the array integer values into a table as multiple rows.

Here is the json string

"types": [3,6]

trying to read and insert the types into a table with an error

INSERT INTO table(type) SELECT unnest(par_json->'types'::int[]) 

ERROR: malformed array literal: "types" DETAIL: Array value must start with "{" or dimension information.

Appreciate your help !

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That's because JSONB arrays are not formatted the same way as normal integer arrays (jsnob use [] while int[] uses {}).

What you need here is the jsonb_array_elements_text function. I recommend you read the documentation on all JSON/JSONB operators and functions.

As for the solution to your question, this query will correctly "unnest" your values:

select x::int
from jsonb_array_elements_text('{"types": [3,6]}'::jsonb->'types') x;

Since the function returns text you have to manually cast the output to int.

If you'd like to convert a jsonb int array into a normal int[] in postgresql, you may use the following:

select array(select x::int from jsonb_array_elements_text('{"types": [3,6]}'::jsonb->'types') x);

You may even turn this into a function so you don't have to write this code every time yourself.

  • Perfect! thanks for your response. Jan 11, 2023 at 15:10

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