We have a countries collection, where default language is English, containing the ISO 3166.

  • Country document information can change over the time (ISO standards can change).
  • Maybe adding "myinternalid" would be useful to be independent of external changes.

Country Document example:

_id: Object_id,
myinternalid: "someUniqueID",
name: "Bahrain",
alpha2: "BH",
alpha3: "BHR",
countrycode: "48",
iso31662: "ISO 3166-2:BH",
region: "Asia",
subregion: "Western Asia",
intermediateregion: "",
regioncode: "142",
subregioncode: "145",
intermediateregioncode: null,
FIELD12: null

We have a generic translations collection. We can optionally choose "myinternalid" or "Object_id" as refid.

Translation Document example:

_id: Object_id,
refid: ? Object_id OR myinternalid ?,
ref: "countries",
langid: "spa",
name: "Baréin",
region: "Asia",
subregion: "Asia occidental"


  • Is a valid or good strategy adding "myinternalid" for being independent to external ISO changes?
  • Is there any problem in using "myinternalid" as a refid?
  • 2
    Why add myinternalid to the Country document when it has an _id already?
    – J.D.
    Jan 15 at 14:55


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