I need to add validation on category creation.

CASE 1: parentId should be valid if supplied

CASE 2: name of sibling could not be duplicated

I have this table: (categories)

    id  | parentId  | name  
    1   | NULL      | CatA
    2   | 1         | CatA.1

(Note: My parent child hierarchy can go up-to nth level)

Now in the above scenario what should not be allowed is:

  1. I cannot provide an invalid parentId
  2. I cannot create a category with name: CatA where parentId = null
  3. I cannot create a category where name: CatA.1 where parentId = 1

Now I am in a nodejs so I need to return these 2 validations errors:

  1. The provided parentId is invalid
  2. Duplicate name detected

Now I want to achieve this using a single optimized SQL query. I can use if else statements later on the base of query response. But for me it is really important that I use single query and that query should be as opptimized as possible.

What I tried so far is:

    TOP 1 parentId,
            WHEN name = 'CatA.2' THEN 1
            ELSE 0
    ) sortOrder
    parentId = 1

Now the issue with my query is that it doesn't cover all the scenarios.

Can anyone help me with the query?


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Constraints should be embedded in the table definition if possible, eg

create table Categories
  Id int primary key,
  ParentId int null references Categories,
  Name varchar(20) not null,
  constraint uk_Name_Sibling unique (ParentId,Name)
  • I cannot change the table structure, plus name cannot be unique for other categories, it s only unique on siblings level Commented Jan 22, 2023 at 17:28
  • See updated answer Commented Jan 22, 2023 at 19:28

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