I'm working with postgres14 in a docker container on a remote Rocky Linux VM. After a little bit of pain I managed to access the database from outside the container, at which point I wanted to create a test database and some test tables to see if everything goes well. Unfortunately it doesn't, and here are the steps I'm going through.

  1. connect to postgres

    psql -U username -h container_ip

  2. once I'm in, I want create the db

    create database mydb

  3. now I try to create a table

    \c mydb

    create table mytable

  4. trying to check if it's created \dt

    out: Did not find any relations.

Now I checked this question as well as this one, but since I'm not really a DBA or anything of a sort I'm having a hard time understanding how to apply these answers to my particular problem. I tried altering search_path as suggested in one of the answers on these two links, in particular setting it to a public schema for mydb, but that didn't work.

Does anyone have an answer? Thank you very much!

  • This maybe? stackoverflow.com/questions/12472026/…
    – user1822
    Jan 25 at 7:18
  • @a_horse_with_no_name I managed to create a table by using create table test(id int);CREATE TABLE syntax, but I can't do anything else, like select * from test for example. If I end statements with semicolons, I'm getting Syntax error.
    – skippynk
    Jan 25 at 10:20


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