I installed oracle database xe on centos 'linux' and when I run this command: /etc/init.d/oracle-xe-21c configure I get the following exception:

[FATAL] [DBT-50000] Unable to check available system memory. CAUSE: An exception occured while checking kernel parameter. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Exception details

  • PRVG-1901 : failed to setup CVU remote execution framework directory "/tmp/CVU_21." on nodes "server1" Please select a different work area for the framework PRVH-0185 : Path "/tmp/CVU_21." does not allow execution on node "server1". Cannot run program "/tmp/CVU_21.": error=13, Permission denied PRVH-0516 : failed to retrieve CVU remote execution framework version from node "server1" during an attempt to setup remote execution framework directory "/tmp/CVU_21." server1 : /bin/sh: /tmp/CVU_21. Permission denied server1 : /bin/sh: /tmp/CVU_21. Permission denied

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This is what happens when /tmp is mounted with the noexec option. Remount it without the noexec option. Or you can try redirecting the temp files using the TMPDIR environment variable.

  • Thank you so much. this solved the problem.
    – eng ahmed
    Commented Feb 1, 2023 at 17:20

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