Is there any sample cassandra database image with data available which can be downloaded and restored in personal system/vm for practice purpose.

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I'm not aware of such thing so I suspect it doesn't exist.

It should be easy enough to populate tables from free datasets on the internet in CSV format -- just do a search for any topic you're interested in.

Once you've got the data in CSV format, you can load it to Cassandra using the DataStax Bulk Loader (DSBulk) tool. It allows you to bulk load data in CSV or JSON format to Cassandra. You can also use DSBulk to export data from Cassandra to CSV or JSON. It is open-source so it's free to use.

Here are some references with examples to help you get started quickly:

Otherwise if you just want to learn how to build apps on Cassandra, Astra DB has a free tier where you can launch a cluster in just 5 clicks with no credit card required. Cheers!

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