MySQL 5.7

I am exporting my db from my web host using phpmyadmin. This produces a single .sql file.

When I check the export with Notepad+, there are special characters in the file.

e.g. in my source db the following text;

The cost is £40 per person.

Is changed in the sql file to;

The cost is £40 per person.

The charset on the source db are all either utft or utf8mb4

DO I need to change any specific setting on the source db to ensure that there are no special characters during export? Currently I am leaving all the phpmyadmin settings default.

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You should try using --hex-blob when you run the mysqldump

Since you are using phpmyadmin, look around in the Advanced tab to see if there is a HEX Blob Option. The mysqldump should also have directives present to preserve the intended character set info.

  • Thanks for the suggestion but I am not using mysqldump, I am logged into my we host's control panel and opening phpmyadmin. In the export tab I can't see anything related to hex-blob, only the standard export options e.g. charset (which is set to utf-8), compression, add statements etc. Commented Feb 10, 2023 at 9:31

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