If I already created some tables with columns, like this:

create table "Sender"(
    "id" varchar not null unique

create table "Message"(
    "sender" varchar not null

-- Oops! The "sender" column should reference the "id" in "Sender" table!

But then I realise one of the columns should actually have a foreign key constraint (reference). Is there a way to add this foreign key constraint without having to "manually" enter a new name for it?

Something along the lines of:

alter table "Message" alter column "sender" set references "Sender"("id");

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Solved. Posting it here because the postgres docs doesn't actually have this example.

alter table "Message" add foreign key ("sender") references "Sender"("id");

This will add a foreign key constraint named "Message_sender_fkey". Enjoy 🤓


I find myself having to use this when I forgot to add cascading

alter table "Message"
drop constraint "Message_sender_fkey",
add foreign key ("sender") references "Sender"("id") on delete cascade;

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