I wanted to see if it's possible to create a SQL Server stored procedure to run a select statement, which will generate a list of rows/users as the result set. I then want the result set to be executed. All within the same stored procedure. Is that possible?

Here's the query I'm using:

    from sys.sysusers 
    where hasdbaccess =1
    and name not in ('public','dbo','guest','sys')
    and hasdbaccess = 0 --0 = no access, 1 = access
    AND name LIKE 'RMT%'

This query may return 1-15+ rows of revoke connect commands. example: REVOKE CONNECT FROM [<AD>\RMTABC];

I then would want the stored procedure to take that result set / output and execute the command/s.

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You can use sp_executesql to execute your queries.

Note the following:

  • Ensure you correctly escape object names by using QUOTENAME, not just by enclosing in [].
  • Any data which can be parameterized in a normal query can and should be passed through to sp_executesql, see the documentation. (Parameterization is important to avoid SQL injection issues.)
  • sys.sysusers is deprecated and for compatibility only. Use sys.database_principals instead.
  • The SQL variable should be nvarchar(max), and any variables containing object names should be sysname, alias for nvarchar(128).
  • Your hasdbaccess conditions appear contradictory.
DECLARE @sql nvarchar(max);

  'REVOKE ' + dp.permission_name + ' FROM ' + QUOTENAME(u.name) + ';',
FROM sys.database_principals u
JOIN sys.database_permissions dp ON u.principal_id = dp.grantee_principal_id
WHERE dp.major_id = 0
  AND dp.type = 'CO'  -- CONNECT permission
  AND dp.state IN ('G', 'W')  -- GRANT
  AND u.name NOT IN ('public', 'dbo', 'guest', 'sys')
  AND u.name LIKE 'RMT%';

EXEC sp_executesql @sql;
  • This helped. Thank you.
    – michaw
    Mar 1, 2023 at 13:24

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