I want to apply a specific rule when somebody create new column in SQL Server 2016 Enterprise.

For example:

NR_NameColumn = int

IS_Deleted = bit

DT_update = Date

ID_User = int

and etc...

How can I apply it?

  • Version, platform etc may help others in answering your question. Mar 6 at 20:33
  • SQL SERVER 2016 SP1 Enterprise
    – LB_
    Mar 6 at 20:38

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Most of that can be accomplished with something such as DDL triggers, but that's heavy handed. Ideally anything such as this would be committed and gone through a code review or have automated tooling search and blame the committer.

There is Policy Based Management but in this case it's a fancy GUI which would end up making DDL triggers behind the scenes, so that's an option if you want a GUI for it.

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