What is the difference between working procedure of below 2 commands. How differently these are working

nodetool garbagecollect


nodetool compact -s

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So nodetool garbagecollect runs a single-SSTable compaction, with the intent of removing the current, eligible tombstones.

nodetool compact -s as-is invokes compaction and splits the resulting SSTable files into smaller-sized files (instead of just one large file). It is recommended to run this command while specifying both a target keyspace and table.

For more info on this one, check out Why is forcing major compaction on a table not ideal?

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    Thanks Aaron for clarifying.Actually in my project I saw this big sstable of 250 GB generated due to major compaction practice (with nodetool compact command) by previous team members. I tried to run nodetool compact -s with the intention to segrgate,but that never worked. seems its not working properly (V3.11.5). I am now planning for sstablesplit Mar 16, 2023 at 9:03

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