Recent crash (RAID controller cache failure) made me re-create the MySQL system databases and tables for some were missing. I run MySQL 5.7 on Ubuntu 20.04.

2023-03-10T19:06:19.363955Z 0 [ERROR] --initialize specified but the data directory has files in it. Aborting.
2023-03-10T19:06:19.363976Z 0 [ERROR] Aborting

What is expected here? I back up the data dir, delete everything in it, run mysqld --initialize again then move the backed up dir except mysql, sys and *_schema folders? It is a prod server. Not willing to risk it. Getting errors like

>     2023-03-10T17:39:19.903280Z 75805 [ERROR] InnoDB: Fetch of persistent statistics requested for table database_name.table_name but
> the required system tables mysql.innodb_table_stats and
> mysql.innodb_index_stats are not present or have unexpected structure.
> Using transient stats instead.

servers table is missing from mysql database (mysql.servers) and who knows what else... I remember mysql database had 31 tables. Now has 12!?

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