I have a product table shown below:

        Id_Product INT PRIMARY KEY,
        Product_SKU INT NOT NULL UNIQUE,
        Product_Name nvarchar(100) NOT NULL,
        Product_Section nvarchar(100) NULL,
        Product_Group nvarchar(100) NULL,
        Product_SubGroup nvarchar(100) NULL

In my opinion this table has a problem with Product Section, Group and Subgroup but I want to verify it if I am correct.

The columns are correlated. Subgroup for example, has a dependency with id_product but also with Group and Section, this can cause problems when updating, inserting and deleting.

Is it right to normalize these columns, creating a table with only section, group and subgroup ?

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There are no problems in this table from database point of view.

The section/group/subgroup relation will have meaning on the client side, when you start showing the products with the tree-like navigation. But that is a completely correct way to define multi-level grouping.

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