I'm not quite sure how to phrase this question, which is part of the reason I am having problems producing or finding an answer.

Given the following table:

id class region_id rank irrelevant_column_1_of_10
1 class1 A over irrelevant value
2 class1 A over
3 class1 A under
4 class1 B over
5 class1 B over
6 class1 C under

How can the following report be produced for each row where class=class1

(region_id=A, over_count: 2, under_count: 1),
(region_id=B, over_count: 2, under_count: 0),
(region_id=C, over_count: 0, under_count: 1),

My SQL is basic. I tried GROUP BY, but can't get it do more than:

(A, over, 2),
(A, under, 1),
(B, over, 2),
(B, under, 0),
(C, over, 0),
(C, under, 1)

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You can use a filtered aggregation:

select region_id, 
       count(*) filter (where rank = 'over') as over_count,
       count(*) filter (where rank = 'under') as under_count
from the_table
where class = 'class1'
group by region_id

A method that I've used a fair bit in MS SQL Server which I think will work directly in postgres is to SUM based on CASE expressions:

  SELECT region_id
       , SUM(CASE WHEN rank = 'over'  THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) AS over_count
       , SUM(CASE WHEN rank = 'under' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) AS under_count
    FROM your_table
GROUP BY region_id

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