I'm using the following options in my connection string:

autoReconnect true  
autoReconnectForPools true  
cacheCallableStmts true  
cachePrepStmts true  
useCompression true  
useSSL true  
requireSSL true  
paranoid true  
useLocalTransactionState true  
characterEncoding UTF8  
useServerPrepStmts true  
zeroDateTimeBehavior CONVERT_TO_NULL  
databaseName AUDIT  
serverName sqlsrv.lan  
portNumber 3306

Is this ok or should there be things added/removed? I'm looking for the best possible performance

  • If "autoRecommect is passed to MySQL, that is unsafe. If a crash occurs in the middle of a transaction, the first part is lost, but the rest runs without it.
    – Rick James
    Apr 15 at 23:11


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