I have a customer who uses a postgres client but wants access to the data contained in my MariaDB (in real-time, not a one-time copy). The customer only has the ability to use a postgres client, not any other protocol, nor can they install any extra tools. However, I am flexible and can install any needed tools, but I don't want to migrate permanently from MariaDB to PostgreSQL.

Other than MySQL Foreign Data Wrapper for PostgreSQL, are there any tools which can help me?

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    tell them no? just a suggestion
    – ysth
    Apr 18 at 0:01
  • I would delete your question, and post on the StackExchange Database Administrators site instead. Otherwise others will vote to close before you do. Apr 18 at 0:20
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    The Foreign Data Wrapper solution is all I can think of too. This is a very odd request. IMO, you should just move to PostgreSQL if they want to use PostgreSQL. Apr 18 at 0:49

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Even the MySQL FDW will not help you, as it requires a Postgres server to run on. With just the Postgres client there is no way to access a MySQL database.

  • I can install the postgres server on my end, so MySQL FDW is a possibility. I just wanted to know if there are other options. thx Apr 18 at 19:22

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