I need to downgrade because I cannot use MySQL for Excel add-in. How can I do it? I use windows 8.

There is no information on the MySQL's website.

  • The add-in I mentioned only works on version 8.0.28 so I have to downgrade it. Apr 21 at 15:11
  • I couldn't find a site where I can download version 8.0.28. Apr 21 at 15:34
  • Hint: there's a dropdown on that page to select the version. Apr 21 at 18:40
  • Do they explain why the add-in won't work with newer MySQLs? Or did you try and it failed; if so, with what symptoms?
    – Rick James
    Apr 21 at 18:55
  • Please edit the question to add more information instead of using comments Apr 21 at 19:56

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To quote the Official MySQL Documentation

Downgrade from MySQL 8.0 to MySQL 5.7, or from a MySQL 8.0 release to a previous MySQL 8.0 release, is not supported. The only supported alternative is to restore a backup taken before upgrading. It is therefore imperative that you back up your data before starting the upgrade process

Install a fresh MySQL 8.0.28 version which can be downloaded from MySQL Product Archives

enter image description here

Backup existing database then restore it to the newly installed 8.0.28 version

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