I'm wondering what the connection is between Evolution Database Server (EDS), Berkeley DB and SQLite format 3.

When I look at the dependencies for EDS (for example here), I see that libdb5.3 (Berkeley v5.3 Database Libraries) is a dependency.

The Syncevolution documentation also states:

In Evolution Data Server (EDS), depends on EDS backend. Local “file” backend (Berkley DB for contacts, iCalendar 2.0 .ics file for others) is tested

However, when I inspect a contacts database created with Evolution or Sycevolution, it says "SQLite format 3".

I'm wondering what the connection is here: Is Berkeley DB the same as SQLite 3, or has Berkeley DB been replaced by SQLite 3 in EDS? Or is there maybe some other explanation?

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This question was kindly answered today by someone on the Evolution users mailing list. I thought I'd share it here, in case someone else has the same question.

Berkeley DB was indeed replaced a few years ago with SQLite for EDS contacts.

Berkeley DB libdb is included only as a way to migrate old (Berkeley DB) databases to the new format (SQLite3). The libdb dependency is optional and EDS can be built without it.

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