I'm having some problens with SQL Database mail, basicaly anything that I try to do gives me an error like this one below:

Transaction aborted when accessing versioned row in table 'dbo.sysmail_profile' in database 'msdb'. Requested versioned row was not found. Your tempdb is probably out of space. Please refer to BOL on how to configure tempdb for versioning.

The error is when I try to delete a profile from database mail, but if I run a query related to change/create a profile, it gives me an error similar to this one.

EXECUTE msdb.dbo.sysmail_delete_profile_sp
@profile_name = 'Notification'; 

My tempdb is not full and there is lot of space in the tempdb and in the disk, I also tried to restart the database, but it did not work.

Any ideas about what this error can be? I'm kinda stuck with this problem and could not find a solution.

  • Have you tried DBCC CHECKDB ('msdb') WITH NO_INFOMSGS May 7 at 2:33
  • Yes, it returns "Commands completed successfully."
    – Igor Amato
    May 8 at 12:15


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