I encountered a very strange bug in MySQL, perhaps it is something which can be fixed easily but I didn't found any solution to this problem.

When I insert a new entry in any table, via php on the website or via phpmyadmin, the DB-engine inserts the entry with a new ID, but the AUTO_INCREMENT value stays the same when I jump between "Browse" and "Operations" even after 50 times or so. BUT when I jump once between "Structure" and "Operations" I can see that the value was increased by one, but really only then. This is happening with every table in the whole MySQL Instance.

I need the auto_increment values before inserting the new entry because I am doing entries in other tables which are connected with the main table.

If screenshots needs to be provided, just ask:)

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It is not safe to get the id before generating it. Instead, use LAST_INSERT_ID() after performing the INSERT.

The "unsafe" comes from two connections stumbling over each other. The function call above is multi-thread safe.

(That particular function may be spelled differently in different APIs.)

  • Okay thank you, I will look into it. But this doesnt really help that the auto_increment does not increase automatically xD
    – Sam
    May 16 at 5:28
  • Show us the INSERT that fails to increase the id. And SHOW CREATE TABLE.
    – Rick James
    May 16 at 17:01

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