I have a file I want to import into an SQL Server 2019 database running on Ubuntu 20.04. The file resides in the /proc directory and I have done a chmod 777 on that file. However, when trying to read it from a SQL Server query using Openrowset, I get this error:

select * from openrowset(bulk '/proc/loadavg', SINGLE_CLOB) cpu_load

Msg 12703, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

Referenced external data source "(null)" not found.

If I copy that file to the /var/opt/mssql directory, it will then work and I can query the file. Why can I not read a file in /proc but I can from /var/opt/mssql? Also, how do I get access to the /proc file from within SQL Server?


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From here:

the /proc directory is NOT a real File System, in the sense of the term. It is a Virtual File System. Contained within the procfs are information about processes and other system information. It is mapped to /proc and mounted at boot time.

Save or copy the file in virtually any other folder, and provide permissions to access it, and you should have no problem.

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    I ended up adding a cron job that copies the file to the /var/opt/mssql and then it works. May 19 at 20:04

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