I am writing a microservices based NodeJS-Cassandra application and I haVe few services they would need 70% similar data( like username, avatar, videos, etc.) and I am just wondering to know is it a good idea that I create 2 databases like:





Or just create one database like:


I know from microservices concept that we should give it's own database to each service, but as long as my data contains some massive data like video files, I don't know what should I do in this specific case?

I like to know if there is any rule of thumb says "if your databases would have more than x-% of similar data, or the data you should replicate in both databases exceeds x-GB, it's better to keep them in 1 database"?

  • Without knowing more, I'd guess that the 70% shared functionality ought to be factored out into its own microservice. May 22, 2023 at 20:19

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Generally speaking, enterprises I've worked with who have microservices architecture share a database backend. It is very rare to split the apps into their own database.

The times where I've seen it done is when there is a specific requirement to do so. Examples are:

  • two or more customers are competitors and the business rules require they be on separate infrastructure;
  • mandated security requirement by an enterprise;
  • regulatory and/or compliance.

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