The SQL Server alert system configuration page (see below image) allows me to choose only a single mail profile. Does that mean I can only use a single email address to send notifications in my SQL Server agent jobs? Basically I want to send out email using different email address, so that in the email client, like Outlook, I can filter and manage emails based on different sender email address. Is this possible?

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To use multiple email profiles in SQL Server Agent jobs, you can follow these steps:

Open SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and connect to the SQL Server instance that hosts the SQL Server Agent.

Expand the "SQL Server Agent" node in the Object Explorer.

Right-click on the "Operators" folder and select "New Operator". Operators are used to define the email recipients for the SQL Server Agent jobs.

In the "New Operator" dialog, enter the desired operator name and email address. Repeat this step for each email profile you want to use.

After creating the operators, navigate to the "Jobs" folder in the Object Explorer.

Right-click on the job for which you want to use multiple email profiles and select "Properties".

In the "Properties" dialog, go to the "Notifications" tab.

By default, the "Email name" field will be populated with the name of the SQL Server Agent service account. To use a specific email profile for this job, select the operator from the dropdown list.

To add additional email profiles, click the "Add" button next to the "Email name" field. Select the desired operator from the list for each email profile you want to include.

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