We are going to upgrade server with new hardware. And i'm kinda curious about how is SQL Server performance will improve. I'm not a DBA and know just a little about performance monitoring. My only idea is creating some heavy queries, run it before hardware replacement, run it after hardwaer replacement, compare execution time. Yeah i know that idea doen't even sounds good but it's all what i have.
Is there any way to benchmark performance in more common and efficient way?

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    enable query store
    – lear1
    Jun 19 at 12:22

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Try to run a TPC-C benchmark with HammerDB


HammerDB is the tool that you looking for, very easy to use, and you can make common tests or specific query tests with it. It is free and open source, you can download it from here. Very easy to install and you can find very proper documentation for usage here.

NOTE: Don't forget to start and setup agent.

If you are looking for something else too, I suggest the following article on this topic.

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