I have hundreds of user tables and each tables has lots of columns. Sys.Columns is returning 16000 columns; whereas INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS is returning about 15,000.

Question: Why the above two functions are returning such different counts? Using Sys.Columns, how can we get the columns of ONLY all user tables in a Database?

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM sys.columns --16,000

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If you do sp_helptext 'INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS' you will see INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS joins sys.columns to sys.objects and only includes columns where the corresponding object is of type 'U' or 'V'.

sys.colums includes additional types with the complete list documented as.

  • Table-valued assembly functions (FT)
  • Inline table-valued SQL functions (IF)
  • Internal tables (IT)
  • System tables (S)
  • Table-valued SQL functions (TF)
  • User tables (U)
  • Views (V)

So the following should return the same count

FROM sys.columns c
JOIN sys.objects o ON c.object_id = o.object_id
where o.type IN ('U', 'V')

Use o.type = 'U' if you only want user tables

  • @MatinSmith Good explanation (+1).
    – nam
    Jul 5 at 22:46

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