There is an novel error when trying insert row.

The database is setup with https://github.com/pksunkara/pgx_ulid. And it is using a function gen_monotonic_ulid() as a default.

I followed the readme guide and added the shared_preload_libraries = 'ulid'. With or without this, the error still persisted.

Setup Details

there is also postgis installed.

FROM postgis/postgis:${PG_MAJOR}-3.3
COPY postgres.conf /etc/postgresql/postgresql.conf
CMD ["postgres", "-c", "config_file=/etc/postgresql/postgresql.conf"]
  • Had the same issue before adding shared_preload_libraries, But fixed after adding shared_preload_libraries = 'ulid' in postgresql.conf & Restarted postgres Commented Sep 27, 2023 at 10:20

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My workaround is using gen_ulid() instead.

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