I'm trying to trace an application that is running on my machine.

In SQL Developer, I go into Real Time SQL Monitor and run the tool. I can see various queries being logged, but none from the application.

When I go into Monitor Sessions, I can see the application's connection and, just for luck, I can right-click on the row and Enable Session Trace. When I click on the row and look at the "Active SQL" tab in the lower pane, I can see statements flash up and disappear. This indicates to me that tracing should be working?

How can I get the statements to show up in the Real Time SQL Monitor so I can investigate them properly?

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Not all statements are captured and displayed by SQL Monitoring.


Statements that are not necessarily "long-running" are automatically listed if they fulfill the following properties. For a single statement execution, at least one of the following conditions must be met:

  • parallel execution
  • a resource consumption of at least 5 seconds I/O or CPU time
  • use of the special statement hint MONITOR ( e.g. select /*+ MONITOR */ ... from ...)

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