I need to move data from tst DBaaS to acc DBaaS, DBaaS are not connected as azure resource or something like that.

Im trying to select some data from DBaaS A and insert it in DBaaS B using Linux Agent. I have connections and passwords, user names are valid, i can see selected data in logs.

But how to make SELECT X FROM A and then INSERT X INTO B?

pool: name: LinuxAgent


  • name: a_name value: a_value

  • name: a_connection value: a_connection

  • name: b_name value: b_value

  • name: b_connection value: b_connection


  • stage: pull displayName: Pull data from DBaaS jobs:
    • job: pull steps:
      • task: Bash@3 displayName: Pull data inputs: targetType: 'inline' script: | sqlplus ${{ variables.a_name }}/PASSWORD@'${{ variables.a_connection }}' <<< "select query"
  • stage: push displayName: Push data to DBaaS dependsOn:
    • pull condition: succeeded() jobs:
    • job: push steps:
      • task: Bash@3 displayName: Push data inputs: targetType: 'inline' script: | sqlplus ${{ variables.b_name }}/PASSWORD@'${{ variables.b_connection }}' <<< "insert query"`

My pipeline knowledge is pretty poor so beside of log query statement i have no idea how to store it and pass further...please help :)

  • Looks like you are using Azure DevOps as a data integration tool. This is not reccomended. But if you really want to proceed with this approach, you first need to export the data to a flat file dba.fyicenter.com/faq/oracle/…. This flat file will exist in a DevOps working directory. Then you need to import it with SQLLoader blogs.perficient.com/2017/03/03/… These two steps need to different jobs in the same stage otherwise you lose the intermediate flat file
    – Nick.Mc
    Jul 28 at 6:41


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