I am running pgadmin via Docker desktop. I am unable to restore a sql file in the database. I get the following message - "Please configure the PostgreSQL Binary Path in the Preferences dialog."

In the case of PostgreSQL installed in the device, I am aware about assigning the binary path. However in this case, pgadmin is accessed via docker.

how can I resolve this issue?

  • Works for me with not special steps. You need to give us enough info to reproduce the problem.
    – jjanes
    Aug 2, 2023 at 0:49

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Normally, an installation of pgAdmin includes the PostgreSQL client. pgAdmin cannot operate without the client shared library libpq.so installed, and it also makes use of pg_dump, pg_restore and psql. If you don't have these three executables, the functionality of pgAdmin will be reduced.

I don't know how the SQL file you want to restore was generated, but if it is a text-format dump generated with pg_dump that contains COPY statements, you need psql to restore it.

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