I have two mysql server which are master-master replicated. One of them working updated without any problem. The other one gets slave replication error.

I want to disable master-master relation. How can I disable this relation? And is there any data corruption/loss risk?


Mysql version:5.7

  • More details needed!
    – Rick James
    Aug 9 at 16:49
  • Can you please be more specific about what kind of details? Aug 9 at 17:01
  • Data in broken database is not important. Aug 9 at 17:35
  • The replica (each machine in Primary-Primary) controls whether it is replicating from a Primary. So, do SLAVE STOP on each.
    – Rick James
    Aug 9 at 17:49
  • Thanks. After this command, does mysql delete mysql-bin and relay-bin logs? Aug 10 at 8:24

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Slave replication error often shows there are data confliction between servers. If you just want to stop the master-slave replaction, "stop slave" is the command.

let say server A and B. if the slave status in A is normal, and B gets slave replication error, you can run stop slave in B.

it will not lead to data corruption, but the update in server A will not replicate to B. but the update in B will continue repaly in A.

you should decide whether this is that you except.

nomarlly, if you need a M-M struct, this is not enough, solve the slave status proble in B will be better.

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