This is the description

  • This is a LMS system
  • There are Batches which have Grade, Medium, Syllabus and Year.
  • There are Tutors who can teach a Specific Subject.
  • The Subject has Grade, Medium, and Syllabus.
  • There are Classes for The Batch which a Tutor teaches and The Class has a subject. The Class can happen on multiple days of the week with a time slot like start time and end time.
  • The Student is enrolled to the Class and attends the Class on a recurring basis.
  • How can I create an er model to facilitate this Class and Batch structure?

Thanks for the help

  • Sounds like homework ...... what have you attempted so far?
    – Craig
    Aug 11 at 2:58
  • i have created the er Aug 28 at 7:09


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