I have a Postgres database with a schema named foo owned by a user also named foo, which also owns all of the tables in it.

While logged in as foo, I created a user bar and granted it everything foo:

grant foo to bar;
grant all on all tables in schema foo to bar;
grant all on all sequences in schema foo to bar;

Now, logged in as bar, I attempt to alter a table in the foo schema:

alter table foo.baz add column col1 varchar(1);

And I get the error:

ERROR:  must be owner of table baz

Why won't Postgres let bar, as a member of foo, alter one of foo's tables? From everything I've read, granting the role should do the trick.

  • Having the same privileges as the table owner is not the same as being the table owner.
    – mustaccio
    Commented Aug 10, 2023 at 18:17

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The problem is that bar has NOINHERIT set, which means that it doesn't automatically assume the privileges of roles granted to it.

I can fix this on a query-by-query basis by having bar first do


To fix it permanently, I can have foo (which also created bar) make bar inherit:


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