I am new to Oracle DB and I am currently working with Oracle Database 21c express edition. After the installation, I created a common user "C##OLUAKIN" so that I don't have to do my work on the SYS or SYSTEM users. At the beginning, things were fine, I created a container database "sqlp" and connected to this database with the new common user "C##OLUAKIN" which I created.

Now, this is the problem: I have created another container database "testatmdb" but I am not able to connect to this database using the C##OLUAKIN user, it returns the error "Status : Failure -Test failed: ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied" enter image description here

1). I have tried to logon to Sqlplus using the user C##OLUAKIN, I get the same error "ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied"enter image description here

2). I have tried to change the password of the C##OLUAKIN user by logging on as sysdba and using the alter user command as below;

         alter user C##OLUAKIN identified by Oluakin0823;

but I get error "ORA-01918: user 'C##OLUAKIN' does not exist"enter image description here

3). I logged on using the SYSTEM user on sql developer and I viewed all users with the query below;

       Select * from all_users;

the common user "C##OLUAKIN" which I created was not found in the list of users.

The puzzling thing however is that I am able to connect to the other container database "sqlp" using this C##OLUAKIN user which the system claims does not exist. In fact, while logged on to this database, if I query to check the current user, by running

     select * from user_users;

the query returns C##OLUAKIN as the current user as seen below enter image description here

So, I am confused. *Why am I not able to use the C##OLUAKIN user being a common user to connect to another container database? *Why is the C##OLUAKIN user missing in the list of all_users? *Why is the user reported as not existing even though I am able to connect to a database through the same user?

Please help.

  • So, it seems you believe you have two Container Data Base (CDB) instances on one server, but do you really have one CDB, with two Pluggable Databases (PDBs), named sqlp and testatmdb? When you first installed Oracle Database Express Edition, by default, it would have created a CDB named CDB$ROOT. A common user is common just within a CDB, and possibly accessible to the PDBs. I didn't wade through all your screenshots, but can you edit your question to clarify? Nov 1 at 1:30


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