Does PostgreSQL record under which user a settings change was carried out?

For example, view if user "postgres" changed the wal_level, or "userA".

If so, how/where can the log be seen?

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    Maybe if you log statement = all - but this has serious performance implications. And what the server cannot do is audit an edit made to the postgresql.conf file and a restart!
    – Vérace
    Aug 21 at 20:19

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Changing wal_level is something that requires a server restart. It can be done in three ways:

  1. edit postgresql.conf and restart the server

  2. change the setting with ALTER SYSTEM and restart the server

  3. stop the server and restart it with -c wal_level=whatever

The first and the third options don't involve an SQL statement or a database user, so they won't leave a trace in the database. You can record calls to ALTER SYSTEM by setting log_statement = 'ddl'.

So in general, there is no way to find out when and by whom wal_level was changed.

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