I am cleaning up / priming our PostgreSQL 12 database for future data-related activities (e.g. data encryption). I have tried the following methods to delete non-basic Latin / basic accented Latin / punctuational values from one of our tables:

  • regexp_replace(field, '[^[:graph:]]', '', 'g') and SIMILAR TO '%[^[:graph:]]%' (in our implementation, [:print:] is not working in regexp_replace)
  • btrim(field, '') - not working for Unicode character-containing strings but only Latin strings.

However, the extraneous Unicode characters, even those embedded within acceptable (i.e., Latin and punctuational) values (e.g. \ud83d) do not get filtered / deleted from the values, hence, I couldn't prime the data.

What can I do to filter out only unacceptable Unicode values in regexp_replace and delete them, retaining only acceptable characters?

  • "non-basic Latin / basic accented Latin / punctuational values" is unclear to me. Does not seem to match either [:graph:] or [:print:] character classes. Please define acceptable characters exactly. The underlying OS and LC_CTYPE also influence character classes beyond the the 7-bit ASCII set. Aug 31 at 23:36
  • Acceptable characters in our character set: alphanumeric, some accented characters (e.g., ñ and Ñ), apostrophe, dot and comma. Sep 1 at 5:18
  • Still no clear definition. Sep 1 at 9:54


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