I have a table that has the "document number" field, the type of flow (entering or leaving the country), date of birth, and the date the flow occurred.

Knowing that a person can leave or enter several times a year, how can I list those people (by their document number) of legal age (>=21yo) who were out of the country in a specific interval of the year (for example: between May 1, 2021 and August 1, 2021)?

ideally a syntax according to postgresql

EDIT: Info complement

Table: flows

id_flow doc_number brth_date flow_type flow_date
1 123 1999-05-01 in 2020-06-01
2 123 1999-05-01 out 2020-10-30
3 222 1988-01-09 out 2021-01-01
4 180 1993-11-15 out 2021-06-16
5 222 1988-01-09 in 2021-10-30
6 223 2009-09-05 out 2020-06-04
7 223 2009-09-05 in 2021-12-04

where dates are yyy-MM-DD and should return:


because these people were out in the whole interval and has legal age.


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I think , you need sql statement like this:

select distinct person
(select person, max(date) as LEAVE_DATE from documentnumber where date<'2021-05-01' and flow='leaving' group by person ) A 
(select person,MAX(date) as ENTER_DATE from documentnumber where date<'2021-08-01' and flow='entering' group by person) B ON A.PERSON=B.PERSON 
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    Don't think this does what OP wants. It appears it's probably missing these things: "list those people ("by their document number)" and "of legal age (>=21yo)".
    – J.D.
    Commented Aug 31, 2023 at 12:31

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