We want migrate to sql 2019 and I did the test and set up Hight availability with twho 2 nodes,but and the set up of AG I have four option, I gave that option a shared path for the transaction log but I saw that a transaction log was generated, which increased space in the same transaction log every time they made updates and uploads to the database. Which one would be recommended for a production environment and at the same time how to manage the transaction log? Should I implement a log shipping strategy with always high availability Group 2019? which is the best option? enter image description here

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As with most things SQL, best is variable and highly dependent on your environment.

If all of my databases were small, then I would choose Automatic Seeding.

Otherwise, I would use Join Only or Skip Initial Data Synchronization (they are really the same, it's if you have done the prep work PRIOR to this step or if yo u want to do it later.

For medium to largish databases, my steps would be:

  • Restore a FULL database to the secondary
  • Continually restore LOG files to the secondary.
  • STOP new log backups on primary (temporary)
  • Restore last log backup to secondary (with NORECOVERY)
  • Join to Availability Group
  • Resume log backups on primary

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