I have a two node Windows failover cluster configured with Always on availability groups which are configured for disaster recovery not for high availability. In this windows failover cluster we are not using quorum/witness, in simple terms cluster is set to use of no witness.

We don't want to use quorum because we are having multi subnet cluster configured with AG, By using the quorum configurations for Manual failover given in MSDN we have configured from below URL.


Current Settings:
No preferred site.
Dynamic Quorum = 1

Node1 is primary and Node Weight(Assigned Vote) =1 and Dynamic Weight(Current Vote) = 0 Node2 is Secondary and Node Weight = 1 and Current Vote = 1

As Node1 is primary I have moved my cluster group resources to Node1 and able to set the node weight property to 1. But while trying to set the Node2 node weight property to 0 it is throwing me an error as below where I am not able to resolve the issue.

Error Message: Exception setting "NodeWeight": "Unable to save property changes for 'Node2'. The request is invalid either because node weight cannot be changed while the cluster is in disk-only quorum mode, or because changing the node weight would violate the minimum cluster quorum requirements"

I have tried to restart the cluster service but didn't fix my error. I have tried to add a file share quorum witness and then removed still unable to fix the error.

Expected result is:
Node Assigned vote Current Vote
Node1 1 1
Node2 0 0

Quorum type should be: Node Majority

Q1. How to avoid this disk-only quorum situation and fix the error?

Any leads to this error is appreciated.

  • Sorry, but why exactly do you try to play with a setting which should be maintained by the cluster itself? Changing Node votes should be used to let cluster run on the last survival node in case of catastrophic failure. So what do you try to achieve? Oct 11, 2023 at 7:11
  • I am not playing here, as we have MultiSite configuration, we are using this manual failover configuration mode given by Microsoft - learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/failover-clustering/… DynamicQuorum = 1, when we are setting the manual configuration, as per this last man stand, this takes care of nodes majority and decide. DynamicWitness- This is managed by cluster and after failover we set the node weight manually and cluster decides about the voting and majority. Oct 11, 2023 at 7:35
  • Edit the question and add details about why you don't (want to) have a witness for tie-breaking.
    – vonPryz
    Oct 11, 2023 at 8:52
  • @vonPryz, Please you may suggest me how re write the question, I am unable to set the node weight property, I have already given my environment and error message which I am receiving, I have given the link which says for manual failover configuration mode on multisubnet we are trying to use this way, and problem is not about why I don' t want witness, problem is why I am able to set node weight on other servers and unable to do it only on this server which has cluster managed voting, there is no forum or blog which doesn't have answer/question like this and this should be a notable question. Oct 11, 2023 at 9:24
  • Set-ClusterQuorum -Cluster (Get-Cluster) -NodeMajority also didn't work on this scenario. Oct 11, 2023 at 9:36


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