I'm using this command to backup all of my MariaDB databases and gzip them all:

mariadb-dump -pPassword --all-databases --routines --events --single-transaction | gzip -c > dump.sql.gz

Then I copy that file to another server, and use this command to restore them all:

gzip -d dump.sql.gz
mariadb -pPassword < dump.sql

And I get this error:

ERROR 4078 (HY000) at line 167956: Illegal parameter data types uuid and int for operation '='

Isn't this strange? I mean I have not changed anything. I just use the mariadb-dump and maraidb commands. Why should it not create a robust restoring script?

I'm using this version of MariaDB:

MySQL version: 11.1.2-MariaDB-1:11.1.2+maria~ubu2204 through PHP extension MySQLi

  • Show us the offending SQL statement.
    – Rick James
    Commented Nov 9, 2023 at 1:06


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