Is there anything I can do to improve this query performance? I have included the execution plan and the Server Profiler output. Is there a index that can help? I see there is a Index Seek that is taking some time can I do anything to help that? in the Server profile I see the reads looks high is can there be something to help that?

SELECT dbo.Templates.VersionKey
FROM            dbo.Templates INNER JOIN
                         dbo.Indications ON dbo.Templates.Id = dbo.Indications.TemplateId INNER JOIN
                         dbo.Sentences ON dbo.Indications.SentenceId = dbo.Sentences.Id INNER JOIN
                         dbo.SentenceParts ON dbo.Sentences.Id = dbo.SentenceParts.SentenceId INNER JOIN
                         dbo.SentencePartValues ON dbo.SentenceParts.Id = dbo.SentencePartValues.SentencePartId
WHERE        (dbo.Templates.Status <> 8) AND 
(dbo.Templates.IsCurrentVersion = 1) AND 
(dbo.Indications.IsActive = 1) AND 
(dbo.Indications.IsCurrentVersion = 1)  
AND (NOT (Sentences.[IsDeleted] = 1)) 
AND (NOT (SentenceParts.[IsDeleted] = 1)) 
AND (NOT (SentencePartValues.[IsDeleted] = 1)) 
(SUBSTRING(dbo.SentencePartValues.LiteralValue, 12, 36) = 'a2278339-8add-ff3d-8baa-9654b8b8d00b')

execution plan https://www.brentozar.com/pastetheplan/?id=By68aKtfp

SQL Server Profiler enter image description here

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    AND (NOT (Sentences.[IsDeleted] = 1)) etc might be better as AND Sentences.[IsDeleted] = 0 to avoid an inequality predicate. Commented Oct 28, 2023 at 22:23

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Don't use substring in your where clause:


All of the time in this query is spent seeking through 25,219,726 rows in SentencePartValues, then applying the filter/substring to LiteralValue.

Of course, it's easy to say that, but it doesn't do you much good in practice.

It may be easier for you to do a double-wildcard LIKE search, but if LiteralValue is an n/varchar(max), or sql_variant, then you're screwed either way.

You may need to add a computed column to the table and then index it appropriately for your query.

ALTER TABLE dbo.SentencePartValues ADD LV_substring AS TRY_CAST(SUBSTRING(dbo.LiteralValue, 12, 36) AS uniqueidentifier);


ALTER TABLE dbo.SentencePartValues ADD LV_substring AS TRY_CAST(SUBSTRING(dbo.LiteralValue, 12, 36) AS varchar(36));

The TRY_CAST to uniqueidentifier may fail if certain values end up in the substring that can't be converted.

Adding the column without the PERSISTED keyword will prevent a long blocking operation from occurring while you add the column. Of course, like I said, you'll need to index it for it to be useful in general.

ON dbo.SentencePartValues
    (LV_substring, SentencePartId)
    IsDeleted = 1

You can use ONLINE = ON if you're on Enterprise Edition, otherwise you'll have to omit it and suffer.

  • Would a join on a SUBSTRING be better ?
    – Jefferson
    Commented Oct 28, 2023 at 7:26
  • 2
    @Jefferson absolutely not. Commented Oct 28, 2023 at 10:42

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