In PostgreSQL, how do you sum sub-elements of a JSON field?

Given: Customer <--- Order

where Order has a JSON field quantities_per_product that contains the qty and shipped qty for each product of the Order.

I'd like to get a summary per Customer of the quantities for each product for all the customer's orders.


Customer 1

> Order 1
    "product_A": {"qty": 10, "shipped": 5}
    "product_B": {"qty": 20, "shipped": 2}

> Order 2
    "product_A": {"qty": 15, "shipped": 8}
    "product_C": {"qty": 7, "shipped": 1}

Expected result for Customer 1:

    "product_A": {"qty": 25, "shipped": 13}
    "product_B": {"qty": 20, "shipped": 2}
    "product_C": {"qty": 7, "shipped": 1}

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This query achieves your given objective:

SELECT jsonb_build_object('quantities_per_product'
                        , jsonb_object_agg(k, jsonb_build_object('qty', q, 'shipped', s)))
   SELECT k, sum((v->>'qty')::int) AS q, sum((v->>'shipped')::int) AS s
   FROM   orders o, jsonb_each(o.quantities_per_product) q(k,v)
   GROUP  BY k
   ) sub;


The task would be so much simpler and cheaper with a properly normalized DB schema. Storing your orders in JSON format is highly inefficient for storage, and performance. And does not allow to enforce constraints and referential integrity. See:


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