CREATE TABLE public.article (
    id uuid NOT NULL,
    tags _text NULL,
    CONSTRAINT article_pkey PRIMARY KEY (id)

I have the requirement to load articles that have a tag which is in a large list (at least 300 tags) from the DB:

SELECT * FROM public.cms_article where tags @> ARRAY['my_long_extra_long_tag_1', '...', '...', 'my_long_extra_long_tag_300'];

But I have a performance issue. Does anyone have experience with such requirement? Which index would be the best? The number of articles is less than 5000.

  • Did you try a GIN index on the array column? Please include EXPLAIN (ANALYZE, BUFFERS) output. Nov 8 at 13:15
  • thanks, GIN index helps Nov 10 at 9:18
  • another question: is there reasonable number of maximum tags: I want to create composite tags. 1000, 10000? Nov 10 at 9:21
  • Experiment. It will get slower and slower. Where is your pain point? Nov 10 at 9:28
  • I am currently working on a concept how to search for articles with automatically composed tags. and here the question arises how many tags I can use. if I have for instance 5 Tags and combine them, I have more than 300 hundred permutations. for 7 tagsmore than 13000. which tag number would still practicable to handle Nov 13 at 10:14

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articles that have a tag which is in a large list

This should translate to the overlap operator &&, not the containment operator @>:

... WHERE tags && ARRAY['my_extra_long_tag_1', '...', 'my_extra_long_tag_300'];

Support that with a GIN index like:

CREATE INDEX ON public.article USING gin (tags);


  • Thanks,I need to take a closer look at the link with they overlap operator. :-) Nov 10 at 9:24

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