I have accidentally killed sp_server_diagnostics on SQL Server running on Amazon RDS, should I be worried about it? How can I fix that? (I am not a DBA) I can see that it is now in a Suspended status

Just want to specify how it happened: I was trying to kill some running queries using KILL #SPID#

I had something like that

session id query name
123 query-1
124 query-2
125 sp_server_diagnostics

I have accidentally used KILL 125

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I don't know how Amazon runs their RDS solution, however SQL Server runs the sp_server_diagnostics call in a system session and thus it shouldn't be possible to kill it.

If you were able to kill it then this was executed by a user (assuming this isn't an implementation detail of RDS) and thus I wouldn't particularly worry about it. sp_server_diagnostics is absolutely fine to run as a user.

In so far as to why it's sitting in suspended, unsure without more information as there is nothing to "rollback".

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