We have PostgreSQL DB with the following characteristics:

  • DB size: 20Tb
  • host (actually KVM guest) memory: 1Tb (250Gb in shared_buffers)
  • CPUs: 100 (200 vCPUs)
  • connections: 500-1000
  • active connections: 80-100
  • IO: something provisioned via virtualisation, I believe it is capable to provide not more than 100K IOPS

Typically, everything works "smoothly" (actually, there are some room for improvement) and normally OS indicates following metrics:

  • load average: 80
  • us: 20%, sys: 10%, wait 10%, idle: 60%
  • IO queue length: 100

However, when someone comes with a query like "I don't really know what I want to see, let DB to decide that" we are getting the following spike in OS metrics:

  • load average: 400
  • us: 18%, sys: 6%, wait: 60%, idle: 16%
  • IO queue length: 700-1000

Below is the graph, representing what is actually going on:

enter image description here

My considerations are following:

  • single (or a ~couple) of bad queries should not drastically influence on DB performance - there are a hundred of competing queries (that is actually based on my previous Oracle experience)
  • since the disaster is actually happening, I may conclude the root cause is the competition for some kind of a shared resource

So, I do suspect the following:

since OS file cache is not actually assigned to anyone, we are getting the following:

  • any seq scan query together with "too optimistic" read ahead settings is messing up OS file cache
  • benign queries, which are typically retrieve data from shared buffers or/and OS file cache, all of them are starting retrieve data from I/O subsystem just because OS file cache got drained out - that is the reason why I do observe the "unexpected" (times instead of percents) increasing of load average and IO queue size metrics

The questions is: if my investigation is correct (I was able to find something very similar in pgsql-performance mailing list: https://www.postgresql.org/message-id/flat/FC8ED065-7EE0-11D9-904E-003065D62456%40pumptheory.com), is there any option to prevent such situation?

  • We don't know what your query is ("let DB to decide that" is not very descriptive), what the plan is, or what the colors in your pretty picture mean.
    – jjanes
    Nov 14 at 17:29


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