I created a database for an app, where I have several networks, which have several nodes and elements and also several scenarios, all related to the networks. [see picture below]

My question is: since the sce_results and sce_paramaters will have result and parameter information of the nodes and elements of a network, should I also build this relationship between the nodes & elements tables and sce_results & sce_paramaters tables via foreign-keys?

or since it gets complicated, the way I created the tables are fine? Maybe more general question, when it is good to build these relationships via the foreign-keys?

So far I though since nodes & elements have their names, I can match them with the name columns in sce_results & sce_paramaters tables, after I download all the necessary data for doing further calculations or creating result plots, etc... Therefore I do not really need this relationship from my point of view. What do you think?


Network1: Nodes: [Node1, Node2, Node3]
          Elements: [Element1, Element2]
          Scenarios: [ScenarioX]
ScenarioX: Paramater: [Pressure_Node1 = 5, Pressure_Node2 = 10, ...]
           Result: [Flow_Node1 = 100, ...]

# In this case nodes table looks like:
id | net_id | name | ... | x | y
1    1        Node1
2    1        Node2

# In this case sce_parameter table looks like:
id | sce_id | name | extension | value | unit
1    1        Node1  Pressure    5
2    1        Node2  Pressure    10


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    I am not entirely certain what you mean by "sce_results and sce_paramaters will have result and parameter information of the nodes and elements", but if each sco_results is related to a certain nodes, there should certainly be a foreign key. Nov 15 at 19:17
  • these table represents the parameter and result information of all nodes and all elements inside a network. Do you think it is necessary also to add the network_id inside the sce_parameters and sce_results?
    – oakca
    Nov 15 at 19:48
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    I have no idea how these tables represent the parameter information. I guess I would need way more explanation; I am a bit dense when it comes to guessing these things. I see no columns that would indicate a relationship. Nov 15 at 20:40
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    @LaurenzAlbe I added an example in the question
    – oakca
    Nov 15 at 22:18

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Storing the name of a nodes row in sce_parameters is a bad idea indeed. Store the primary key of the nodes row instead and add a foreign key constraint. This will guarantee that you cannot end up with inconsistent data.

  • do you think, it is also necessary to add net_id to the sce_parameters or since it has sce_id and connected to networks over scenarios (where scenarios are connected to network via net_id) already accomplish this?
    – oakca
    Nov 16 at 13:23
  • The indirect relationship via nodes is enough. A direct foreign key to networks would be redundant and consequently harmful. Nov 16 at 16:49

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