Hi i'm designing a database for a toy shop this shop offer many products with different categories. This is the project question. Can you please help me which tables and relationships should I add in my database. i am a beginner and have no idea about it.

The proposed project aims to develop a comprehensive database system, For an online Toy Shop, Facilitating Efficient Management of Inventory, Sales, Customer Data, And Overall Business Operations. With the growing demand For Online Shopping, Particularly in the toy industry, The Implementation of a Robust Database System is critical to ensure seamless transactions, streamlined inventory management system, and enhanced customer experiences. This Proposal Outlines a Structured approach to Design, Develop, and Implement a user-friendly and scalable database system tailored to the Specific requirements of the Online Toy Shop.

Project Objectives:

  • Design and develop a centralized database system to manage and monitor. The inventory of various toys, including details, such as product descriptions, pricing, and availability. Aeroplane toy with usability and price and quantity available etc.
  • Implement a User-Friendly interface for managing customer information, orders, and transactions, enabling efficient tracking and processing of online purchases.
  • Integrate a secure payment gateway within the Database System To Facilitate Secure And Seamless Financial Transactions For Customers.
  • Create a Comprehensive Reporting System to Generate
    Analytical Insights On Sales Trends, Popular Products, and
    customer Preferences to Facilitate Data-Driven Decision-Making.

Scope Of Work:

  • Conduct a Detailed Analysis Of The Online Toy Shop's Business Requirements And Operational Processes To Identify Specific Data Management Needs.

  • Design and develop a relational database system architecture with a dashboard that encompasses product inventory, customer data, transaction Records, And Reporting Functionalities.

  • Implement Secure Data Encryption Protocols (DEP) and authentication mechanisms to safeguard sensitive customer information and financial transactions.

  • Create Intuitive User Interfaces For Both Customers And Administrative Staff, for seamless navigation and Efficient Data Management Capabilities.

  • Conduct Rigorous Testing And Debugging to ensure the Reliability, Scalability, and Security of the Database System under various operational Scenarios.

I have collected some data for the database please guide me which tables, attributes and relations I can add.

Product Table:

product_id (primary key)


customer_id (primary key)
Customer Shipping Address
Customer Billing Address


order_id (primary key)
customer_id (foreign key)
product_id (foreign key)


transaction_id (primary key)
order_id (foreign key)
Transaction Status

Table: Users

user_id (Primary Key)
password (encrypted and securely stored)
role (customer, admin)

Table: Reports

report_id (Primary Key)
generated_by (admin/user)

Also describe how I can create relation ship between tables.

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    Is this homework? If not, this is not a task for a "beginner with no idea" .....
    – Craig
    Nov 16 at 21:19
  • There are many Questions on the forum that talk about details of such tables. Find them and see if you like any of them.
    – Rick James
    Nov 17 at 2:37

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There are essentially 3 types of Relationship:

1-to-1 -- This should usually be avoided. Simply combine tht two tables together.

1-to-many -- This is imply implemented by having the "id" of the "1" as a column in the "many" table.

many-to-many -- This requires an extra table with a pair of ids. See Many-to-many for advice on indexing.

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