I'm supposed to run this query in PGadmin:

    n2."fødselsdato" AS foedselsdato, 
    (SELECT * FROM data.cpr_aktivkom_geoview WHERE
        cpr = 'x' OR
        cpr = 'x' OR
        cpr = 'x' OR
        cpr = 'x' OR
        cpr = 'x' OR
        cpr = 'x' OR
        cpr = 'x' OR
        cpr = 'x' OR
        cpr = 'x' OR
        cpr = 'x' OR
        cpr = 'x') n2
    (SELECT cpr, adresseringsnavn AS mor_navn
    FROM data.cpr_aktivkom_geoview) n1
ON n2.morcpr = n1.cpr
    (SELECT cpr, adresseringsnavn AS far_navn
    FROM data.cpr_aktivkom_geoview) n3
ON n2.farcpr = n3.cpr
ORDER BY n2."fødselsdato" asc
ERROR:  syntax error at or near "."
LINE 2:     n2.cpr, 

SQL state: 42601
Character: 14

What is the problem with the dot after the n2's, n1's and n3's?

  • Nothing obvious except for the duplicate WHERE clauses. Are you executing exactly this, or along with other queries? Nov 17 at 11:55
  • What happens if you run just the inner query of the n2 alias (the query against data.cpr_aktivkom_geoview)? Agreed with Charlieface too, are you running exactly this query or did you change it and / or are running other queries with it?...it's odd that the inner query of n2 has the same OR clause repeated 11 times.
    – J.D.
    Nov 17 at 13:33
  • Check for invisible nonstandard characters in your copypaste, like unbreakable space etc. A good way to do this is to paste in a text editor.
    – bobflux
    Nov 18 at 23:00
  • Very likely, you are making a mistake using pgAdmin: make sure that only your statement is in the query window. My guess is that you have some text before the statement in the window. Nov 20 at 7:12

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If I remember correctly, it’s because the SELECT is on its own line. Try this.

SELECT n2.cpr,
. . .

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