On the host:

  • CentOS Linux 7 (Core);
  • psql (PostgreSQL) 11.16.


  • prod_db, size 4004 MB.

I created a database dump: pg_dump -U postgres -h prod_db > prod_db.dump.
After that, I delete the database and create an empty database.
After that, I import the database: pgsql -U postgres prod_db < prod_db.dump.
At that point, I can get different results. Sometimes the database is imported successfully (40-50 minutes). Sometimes the database is not imported, "gets stuck" (I waited a maximum of 2 days, then interrupted the process).

No errors in logs. No errors in console.
I tried importing with pg_restore: the result is the same.
I tried importing like this sudo -u postgres psql -U postgres prod_db < prod_db.dump: the result is the same.
I tried to run the import from another host: the result is the same.

After a few days, I used the strace. I have two files with strace output: successful_import.log and unsuccessful_import.log.

If someone can help, I will be very grateful!

P.S.: can provide any additional information.


$ sudo -u postgres psql -c "SELECT datname,wait_event_type,wait_event FROM pg_stat_activity where datname = 'prod_db';"
   datname   | wait_event_type | wait_event
   prod_db   |                 |
(1 row)
  • I'm not going to download large binary files from random websites. Can you include the last dozen lines or so of the unsuccessful one in your post in plain text?
    – jjanes
    Nov 19 at 17:07
  • These are text files in archives.
    – Konstantin
    Nov 21 at 14:10


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