is it possible to design a database with a classic tree structure (no nested-set), forcing to have just 2 levels?

the table I thought should be:

id title parent_id
1 row NULL
2 child 1
3 grand_child ERROR 2

The third row shouldn't be possible.
Can I get that without trigger or without any programming language?

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Simplest solution is making the parent node into separate table with the same set of fields*. Then no nested references would be possible.

For example, you could have following entities (SQL-like pseudocode)

    Id INT,
    ...other fields as needed...

    Id INT,
    Parent_FK INT REFERENCES RootNode (Id), 
    ...other fields as needed (same as in RootNode)...

*I actually suspect the parent table and child table might get different fields over time, but that depends on what you are actually trying to model.

  • Thanks for the response. Can you be more specific please? With an example?
    – Giacomo M
    Dec 7, 2023 at 15:07
  • What about the columns are exactly the same between parent and child?
    – Giacomo M
    Dec 7, 2023 at 15:54

Building on Yano_of_queenscastles just to provide a sample:

INSERT INTO RootNode (Id, OtherField1, OtherField2)
    (1, 'Root 1 Data', 'More data for Root 1'),
    (2, 'Root 2 Data', 'More data for Root 2');

-- Sample data for ChildNode table
INSERT INTO ChildNode (Id, Parent_FK, ChildField1, ChildField2)
    (101, 1, 'Child 1 Data', 'More data for Child 1'),
    (102, 1, 'Child 2 Data', 'More data for Child 2'),
    (103, 2, 'Child 3 Data', 'More data for Child 3');

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