A 3rd party API exposes a endpoint which accepts "SQL" queries. Their examples are simple SELECT statements, however I want to write more complicated queries.

They do not specify which SQL brand they are using, which means I don't know the exact syntax I should be following.

How can I identify the SQL brand (SQL Server, MySQL, Azure SQL, Postgres, etc) with one or more SQL queries (no command line access, file permissions, etc)?

  • How do you know they just pass-thru the query statements? Most likely they do some sanity checking, filtering and translations before querying their data store. They most likely only support a small subset of SQL.
    – DJ.
    Commented Dec 13, 2023 at 18:12

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Go by elimination. Failing select @@version will eliminate both SQL Server and MySQL; failing select version() will eliminate both Postgres and MySQL; etc.

Examples of such queries have been helpfully compiled by Jack Douglas, the fine gentleman behind db<>fiddle.


Just ask the service provider.

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